Kerry Clavadetscher is a Seattle artist specializing in photorealistic drawing and painting. She enjoys rendering the world in great detail, exposing the ever-present beauty in the simple, the natural, even the troubling experiences that shape our lives.

Kerry’s childhood was bright and joyous. She wanted to be an artist and an Olympic athlete. She came close to the latter in 2007, captaining her volleyball team to a Junior Olympic bronze medal. But by 2010 she had developed depression and chronic pain from a spinal injury. Her passion for volleyball and her creative spirit were burned out (literally, 400 drawings and paintings were burned!). She turned to math and science, finding security in straight-forward problem solving, and with a B.S. in physics from Yale became a software engineer at Microsoft. But despite her success, health and happiness did not return.

She now dreams again of a career as an artist. Instead of fighting her chronic pain she wants to use her struggle to deepen the meaning of her artwork. She wants to ask the unanswerable, be moved by the ordinary, and learn how to love this life, this one world, better. She hopes with her creative gifts to help others do the same.

If you want to encourage Kerry in her journey, please use the contact page to get in touch with her. She would love to hear from you.